Fujian Huitian Bio-pharma Co., Ltd. (formerly Fujian Sanming Pharmaceutical Company, called “Huitian” for short), founded in 1969 and as the evergreen Chinese pharamaceutical enterprise and hi-tech enterprise, is a large comprehensive joint-stock pharmaceutical company with powerful strength in Fujian, and innovative pilot and advanced taxpayer. The company now has registered capital of RMB 90,000,000 and over 500 employees.
  • Hawthorn blood fat lowerin
  • Acutobin injection
  • Loxoprofen sodium
  • Tongxuekang capsule
Contact us
E-mail:[email protected]
Address:Floor 6,Olympic building,Hudong Road,Gulou District,Fuzhou City,Fujian Province
Copyright 1969-2020 Department of Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Fujian day
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